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Beach tg 2 by tgisthebest
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Beach tg 2
What the fuck I thought as I looked down at my new breasts that I didn't have five minutes ago. My friend who I was with was looking at me now with a creepy look on his face. I confused still just said what? He walked up to me and grabbed one of my breast then put his other hand or more specifically his other finger in my new moist vagina. All I could do at that moment was moan then as if my mind had just changed I asked him "wanna go fuck on the beach"?
I'm having a contest from first to third place of who can make the best (tg, ar, etc). It starts February 25 and ends February 29. Good luck!
Body swap ar
I had a hard life I was a middle aged white woman with a husband and son and I didn't think life would ever get easier. One day I had made lunch for my husband and just got done breastfeeding my baby. I had just gotten done so I decided it was nap time for the baby so I went upstairs and put him in the crib but it was also a good time for me to take a nap so I went to bed also. I woke up a while later to a soggy moist feeling in the front of my panties so I got up and ran to the bathroom. I Didn't know what to think or say about it and I knew my husband would be mad so I cleaned the sheets and my panties and that was about when the baby woke up but he looked a lot more feminine and sounded more feminine but I didn't really care because I was still stuck on the fact that I peed the bed. When my husband got home he asked if I got a haircut and I said no why and He said my hair was shorter. How had I not noticed I ran and looked in the mirror and I almost looked like a guy. My face actually looked like I had grown some facial hair so now I was really freaking out because I knew something was going on but I didn't want to upset anyone so I just acted normal even though my bra size went from a DD to a BB. We ate and I put the baby to bed and my husband must have noticed something besides the fact that our baby boy had Boobs now but he also noticed I was sad. He said he could make me feel better and started moving towards me and he started pulling my pants off then my shirt then my bra then my panties then he got naked and started going to town on me but half way through it I felt a warm sensation go out my rear end. OH NO!!!! I just pooped without it and my husband must have noticed because the look on his face was horrifying. He said I didn't realize I was fucking the shit out of you trying to make me laugh but then I told him what happened earlier today and he said ok we'll go to the hospital tomorrow so then I cleaned the bed put new sheets on it and we went to bed. About and hour into the night I had down into an infant and my baby had grown four bra sizes. My baby who was now older than me must've woken up at one point. He or now she picked me up and moved me to the crib since she was now to big for it and she got in bed with my husband. I didn't wake up during any of that but when I did wake up I was really up set. In the morning I woke up to a familiar moist wet feeling in my crotch area coming right out of my vagina and on my panties but wait my panties felt weird, they felt soft and cushioned like A DIAPER!! I started to think that my husband put my in a diaper as a prank but when I called for him it came out as a babble. I took the blanket off my head finally and looked around and realized I was in a crib but how did I fit. I looked down at myself though and realized I looked exactly like my baby and I started crying because that's all I could do. I heard a fimiliar voice say I'll get her but it was fimiliar because it was mine. My son or daughter or me or mom came in the room and picked me up. She stuck one of her fingers down into my diaper and said "uh oh somebody went peepee" in a cute voice and she brought me over to the changing table. She changed me and put a new diaper on me and said babies probably hungry so she brought me in the kitchen and pulled her shirt down then her bra and stuck one of her nipples in my mouth immediately filling me with milk then my husband or dad walked in and said how are you feeling today to my baby or mom now and she said I'm feeling allot better and he said oh so you don't need to go to the hospital and she said nope I feel like a whole new woman. He said good then we can finish what we started last night. He put me in the play pen across the room and stripped the old me and then he got naked and they started fucking right in front of me.
Football tg
We were just about ready for the biggest game of the year. The mascot who we bully was handing out our pills that we requested and the whole team took one. I started feeling funny but thought it was just the steroids kicking in so I didn't really care. We went onto the field showing off and acting like assholes but for some reason I noticed out the corner of my eye the mascot laughing. I walked up to him and asked him what was so funny, he said you'll see on the field. I just thought he meant he deflated the ball or something but the only balls that were deflated was our whole football teams cause evidently those were tg pills. We went into our stances across from the other team but by the time we got the ball into the quarterback was a bimbo and didn't even know what football was anymore, then the rest of the team changed also. This is like our team now and like the boys on the other team look sooo hawt.
I'm having a contest from first to third place of who can make the best (tg, ar, etc). It starts February 25 and ends February 29. Good luck!


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